Dear Customers,

The Jungle Xtrem Adventures Co., Ltd is happy to welcome you on their Adventure Trails, in a pristine and natural environment. You will be guided through the safety rules that need to be taken for this recreational activity. This activity is not without any risks; therefore safety rules must be taken very seriously. Those rules will be given to you during a briefing and a demonstration held by one of our Jungle Xtrem Adventures staff members.

To be allowed to practice this activity:

  • You must be in good physical and psychological heath and not have any medical contraindication.
  • You must behave responsibly and not have aggressive physical behavior. 
  • Pregnant women should not practice this activity.
  • People who have weak physical or psychological heath should not practice this activity.


  1. Long hair must be attached, pockets must be closed, and you mustn’t wear anything around your neck.
  2. You need appropriate shoes and outfit for this activity and have received a proper individual equipment such as the harness.
  3. You must follow the minimum size for each course, ALWAYS be attached to the red life line and NEVER remove 2 carabineers at the same time.
  4. Handbags and backpacks are forbidden on the trails.
  5. You should follow all safety rules and evacuation plans in case of a danger or a storm.
  6. No smoking or flames. 
  7. No running or screaming. Please respect our wildlife and neighbors and keep noise down. 
  8. No drinking from cans due to risks from bees and wasps. 
  9. Act according to training. If uncertain – please ask. 
  10. Obey the instructors at all times. 
  11. Nothing in pockets, especially phones. 
  12. Wear close-toed shoes, cover waists, remove or cover piercings, tie back hair. 
  13. Supervision ratios. 3-9 years: 2 kids: 1 participating adult (8 and 9 year olds can be supervised from the ground at the discretion of Jungle Xtrem Adventure staff). 10-11 years: 4 kids:1 participating adult. I – Participants must undergo a safety lesson before starting the courses. 
  14. Staff must attach you to the equipment gear. No attaching yourselves. 
  15. Limit of 2 participants per platform and 1participant per challenge. 
  16. Be sure to use the pulleys for the flying foxes exactly as shown. 
  17. No hanging upside down. 
  18. No starting the black course before you have finished the red without assistance.
  19. Do not leave the paths – this is to prevent root compaction to our trees and damage to conservation areas. 
  20. Return all Trees Adventure gear to the starting point. Do not take gear beyond ticket office if you are going to car park or toilet.

Having read and listened to the rules and regulations of Jungle Xtrem Adventure Co., Ltd., I agree that I will accept and abide by the rules, which are intended to provide a safe climbing environment.

I also agree to be completely responsible for the condition of my gear that I use in the company and if it fails to perform properly, I am solely responsible for this occurrence. This Acknowledge and Assumption of Risk and Release shall be binding upon heirs and assigns.